Success Stories

Hear what past clients have shared about my coaching style:


Johanna is amazingly supportive and enthusiastic without feeling fake....I know she is authentically supporting me in whatever I do.  


She is so kind.  I know that sounds simple and elementary, but I see it as the quality that allows me to trust her and let me know that I can show my vulnerabilities to her.  Kind and gentle...very special qualities that, to me, are the foundation of helping someone move through their fears and get "unstuck".  

Her approach to clients is one of openness without judgment. I feel I can share anything and her and she will keep it confidential and clear.

She has a keen ability to extract where growth potential is for a person. Johanna hones in on information even when it is not said aloud and responds often with a precise question to further inquiry and depth.

She is an excellent listener without an agenda. Her ears are open and when she listens it feels as if she is interested and not just thinking of a response.


She has the ability to challenge someone in their thinking without putting them on the defensive.  She helps to reframe my thoughts in a safe space so I can be creative without feeling attacked.  



Kind Words

Thank you for taking me on this journey. Looking back at my first e-mail to you, I used the word CUSP – and I feel as you have taken me beyond that. I am not sure what I expected our time together would look like. I do know I feel as if I have gained so much in working with you and enjoyed every step of the way. I have felt inspired by you. Thank you for that!
— Nicole W.
Johanna is truly one of the most insightful, kind and informed individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with. She is a highly skilled life coach with effective tools and guidance to help you get where you wish to go. Whether it’s helping propel you towards your ideal future, goal-setting, vision boarding or working through personal hardships, Johanna’s empathy and professional expertise will assist you in traversing certain minefields in both your professional and personal life. She is someone I have come to consider not only a coach, but a friend.
— Aphrodite Manousos
Johanna can enable people to manifest the life they want. I’ve personally experienced her ability to guide through visioning, enable focus through values and to orchestrate work between myself and another to bring amazing results. She is easy to work with, effective and she loves what she does.
— Kristin Struttman
Johanna has been a trusted friend and advisor for years. Her input is always fresh and inspiring - I wonder how she keeps doing it so well! Some people have a gift for what they “do” for a living, and she is certainly one of them. A lot is to be gained by working with Johanna, often in ways you might not be expecting. I checked “high integrity” because you can be assured that if she didn’t feel her work or style would benefit you, she would let you know honestly.
— Kelly Baker
Johanna Beyer has been my life coach for over 3 years this past November. I find it integral to have someone in your life who keeps you focused on your dreams and goals while gently reminding you (or maybe for the first time revealing to you) who you truly are at the soul level. I count the conversations I have had with Johanna as the most meaningful and pivotal of my life. To call her a life coach seems incredibly minimizing as I found her to be my closest confidant, my trusted sounding board and my mirror - reflecting back to me the woman I am now as well as the woman I want to be. She has a brilliant business mind, a deep understanding of human nature and maybe most importantly an ability to distill down the obstacles that keep an individual from truly expanding into their greatness then will create a plan to overcome them. If you want mind, body, soul guidance in every (or just one) aspect of your life - Johanna Beyer is as good as it gets.
— Chelli Herera
What makes Johanna extra special is her coaching notes. They help me stay on my path even when Johanna and I have finished out sessions. They provide clarity and support even years down the line. I continue to evolve and learn because of those notes.
— D. Benatar
Started working with Johanna roughly seven months ago, and I can truly say that my life has been steered in a more positive, prosperous, happy, (and completely different) direction. Her energy is absolutely invigorating and phenomenal, and I walk out of every session feeling empowered, clear, and grounded. On the personal side, I’ve simply let go of many of the things that I was allowing to hold me back...and have been freed up to live a much happier life with my friends and family. On the professional side, she encouraged I “take the plunge” with a startup concept, which has not only already been incredibly inspiring, but is on it’s way to being life-changing both financially and (more importantly) more reflective of who I really am. Using her amazing listening skills, Johanna has the knowledge and compassion to help guide you through your important life decisions. She’s really a great coach, and even a better person - just can’t say enough good things about her.
— Adam Lupa
Johanna Beyer of On Your Path Consulting is a phenomenal Life Coach! I have been working with Johanna for 2 years now and am happy to report that I have found a new career that I adore and that suits me perfectly. Johanna’s thorough process helped me identify my values, my passions and my roadblocks. With Johanna’s sound guidance and sage advice I was able to overcome my fears, address what was getting in my way, and transition to a fulfilling and rewarding profession. The best career move I have ever made was working with Johanna Beyer.
— Shannon Kerr
I was recommended to Johanna by a good friend...and can’t thank that friend enough! As an unemployed stayed at home dad having a hard time navigating the extremely competitive job market of the recent poor economy I was in need of guidance. What I got from my time with Johanna was so much more than that. Through her true talents she unlocked doors inside me that I didn’t know even mattered, much less existed. Today I am back to work doing what I know to be what I want to do, with a real understanding of who I am and what is important to me. So many facets of my life are better now because Johanna knew exactly how to listen, was creative in her ways to get me to open up, and had faith in me. Based on my experience and the results I’d recommend Johanna to anyone needing help getting back on their path.
— Andrew L.
Over the last two years, my coach, Johanna Beyer, has helped me to understand how and why I get stuck and how to see the possibilities vs. the roadblocks and how to take action steps towards creating the life I want. Being coached had such a positive impact on my life that I am now enrolled in Georgetown’s Leadership Coaching program. I could go on and on but suffice to say that working with Johanna has changed my life. I have learned more about myself in the last two years than in the last 10 years and I have started taking action towards achieving my goals - both personal and professional.
— Karin W.
I worked with Johanna during the time I was looking to change careers. She walked me through a process that led me back to my original passion. She helped make the change easier for me by identifying small steps to take that led to my larger goal. She was the support I needed each step of the way. The weekly checkups helped me find clarity and were a fun way to keep going. I now have a professional career that connects me to my core competencies and my childhood passion.
— Sarah C.
Working with Johanna as I explored finding greater satisfaction and happiness in my career was a phenomenal experience. Her coaching approach and exercises provided a great structure to a challenging journey, and her unbiased perspective and observations were invaluable. I succeeded in finding my way into a wonderful spot where I can honestly say I love my job and my life, and am grateful for Johanna’s help in getting me there!
— Janice S.
I am a 49 year old mother of 2 funny boys age 3 and 8. I had been in a successful career for almost 30 years with 15 years in one particular position. I was waffling with making a change, or transitioning to a different path when a close friend suggested that I seek the life coaching of Johanna Beyer. It turns out that it was a fantastic suggestion for me. I called Johanna and easily connected with her in our first phone call. I was excited by her enthusiasm and her immediate interest in my life. I also felt as though she had a good idea of what it was like to be a working mother as she also has a young family and seemed to easily relate to my stories.

I started my work with her and found myself developing ideas about my future. I liked working with her because she was knowledgeable in “coaching” and to go along with that she was intelligent, kind and genuine. The tools that she used enabled me to realize and pinpoint my priorities and therefore plan and grow into my transition and my future.

I left each meeting feeling extremely satisfied and excited about my future and my possibilities. Most importantly, she seemed to have a clear idea of what might be a wise path for my transition. She was definitive yet gentle in guiding me into the possibilities of my changes, but I was not left feeling that I had to make that choice. She suggested helpful reading that essentially changed my life and my perspective at this junction. I have called this continuing experience “my journey in my journey” and Johanna was there for the start of it. I think that you can “do life” without such counselings but I have looked upon them in the past at tour guides that serve only to enrich the experiences. I would recommend the services of Johanna Beyer without reserve. She is a conscientious, compassionate, wise and effective professional.
— Ann W.