How It All Works

The Coaching Process

What I offer is a path to self discovery and fulfillment by leading you through a process that explores what it is you believe in and what you want to contribute to the outer world. My mission is to provide a safe and powerful place for you to discover the answers you need in order to move forward with purpose and clarity.
With structure comes freedom. For each of the foundational sessions there will be an area of focus coupled with prep work and take away actions.


The Six Step Process

Session One - Your Story

You will begin the coaching process by filling out your LifeMap. It is a chance for you to track the growth and changes of your life, along with your achievements and challenges. Going through this experience allows you to reflect on the things that gave you feelings of success and connection, creating a strong foundation for what you want to take forward and build into your vision.



Session Two – Partnering with your Inner Critic

The next part of the process will focus on working to uncover what you are ready to release that no longer serves you. We get underneath the limiting beliefs and fears that are keeping you stuck so that you can create new space inside of yourself to take new risks that feel more aligned to your passions and truth. You will learn tangible techniques to create space from your inner critic.


Session Three - Purpose

Uncovering and identifying your purpose will provide you with an internal set of guidelines that you can use consistently to test your choices against, making sure that your decisions align with who you truly are. When you own your unique set of purposeful skills and talents, you can then paint the picture to new people and current leadership about who you are and what you are ready for in your career.


Session Four - Vision

Once you have identified your strengths, inner critic, and purpose you are ready to springboard into the future and envision what you would like to bring into your life in terms of career, relationship, health and resources. This is a time where you get to think BIG and crack OPEN to what is possible.



Session Five - Action Planning

After the vision is complete comes the action planning. You will create short and long term actions in all arenas of your life. This action plan will feel INSPIRING, connected to WHAT YOU WANT in your life and DO-ABLE.



Session Six - Follow-Up

As your coach, I will hold you responsible for completing the actions you commit to over the following months. You will report on your progress and we will create a long-term action plan for moving forward. 


So now that you know the journey to long-term change...